Epic Outsourcing Fails

Published on June 1, 2011 by in Outsourcing

We have talked a bit about outsourcing your Twitter marketing efforts and the reason why it is such a good idea. You see, outsourcing is indeed one of the keys to business success. Or not – depending on how you handle it. Outsourcing can really work for you if you can manage to avoid several missteps along the way.

Fail #1. Hiring the wrong personEnough about going through the complicated route of searching for the right candidate. Just hire the first person who comes along! Better yet, make a decision based on who offers the lowest price.

Why is it a fail?

You can always find a better deal if only you have the sense and patience to weed out the best from the rest. Do not short-change yourself. If you are going to put, say, your social media campaign in the hands of virtual strangers, be sure that they can deliver the goods regardless of their asking price or their placement in search engine results.

Avoid this boo-boo by doing the following:

  • Ask for referrals from friends or colleagues who have outsourced some business tasks to third-party service providers.
  • Look at samples of past works to help you decide on a candidate’s qualifications.
  • Get to know more about the person or the outsourcing company before signing a contract with them.

Fail #2. Not communicating with the outsourcerOnce you have talked about the project and closed the deal, let the outsourcer do his thing… on his own and without further instructions or communication.

Why is it a fail?

You need to open the lines of communication or risk getting the result that you did not hope for, which, most of the time, is not good. Whether it is programming support, web design, content writing or anything else, outsourcers will still need your feedback. Constant communication will ensure that you achieve your desired outcome.

  • Establish channels or means of communication in order to ensure that all messages between parties are received.
  • Schedule weekly contacts to keep yourself posted on your project’s status.

If you are the type of person who delights on learning from his mistakes, then I dare you to commit these epic outsourcing fails and see where they would lead you. Or you could just do it right the first time. More post on this topic tomorrow.

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