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Published on September 8, 2011 by in Tutorial

Ever since the days of the Google Panda update, more and more online publishers are returning to their roots, to focus on publishing well written, objective content. Publishers with too much low quality, filler style contents got hammered, and lost lots of their traffic.

So, webmasters do have an strong incentive to filter through their content and buff up the pages that are lacking in quality. But if you have a big WordPress site with lots of pages and posts already, how can you go back and objectively decide which contents are good, and which ones are low quality?

There are some WordPress plugins out there already that ask the reader to give a 5 stars rating, after they’ve read the post. A perfect example is the very excellent GD Star Rating plugin. The user interface is very simple, and intuitive.

Recently, we started noticing that most pages on Wikipedia have a ‘rate this page’ feature at the bottom of the page. They specifically ask the reader to rate the page based on very Google Panda like properties.

We felt inspired by this, and decided that the WordPress community could use a similar kind of plugin. We hope this will benefit anyone who wants to keep track of the quality of contents on their site, through feedback from their readers.

If you are ready to try it you, you can get the very latest version of the plugin right here:

Download Rate This Page WordPress Plugin


Installation instructions for the Rate This Page WordPress Plugin

rate this page plugin

Upload the rate-this-page Plugin on the following folder:


Activate the plugin at the plugins area of the wordpress after the uploading:
activate rate this page plugin

The plugin settings (at admin area)

admin area

If you select “All Article” (Configuration Tab)
then it the rate-this-page plug-in rating will be present at all article posts…

Rate this page plugin - main settings

For examply, If you select “By Page” then a “By Page Insertion” Tab will appear next to the “Configuration” tab, for you to select on which pages the plug-in rating to appear…

by page selection

select category

select the category and selected page

Edit Article

Make sure you have checked that category name of the Article before you publish or Edit the article you have composed see the image bellow
edit article

Ratings Report

Click on the Ratings Report Tab

Rated 3.5 up are listed in Highest Article and bellow 3.5 are listed in Lowest Rated Articles.

Updates for Version 1.3 Release

We’ve just released a new version of the Rate This Page Plugin, with several requested features, including:

  • Ability to customize the questions. You can stick with the default questions like Wikipedia, or you can define your own criteria for rating.
  • 5 predefined theme styles, to better match the style of your site
  • Updated the CSS, to not conflict with other themes or plugins

Leave comments below if you notice any bugs or have any special feature requests for us to consider.


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