To stay ahead in this business, it is important that we give only the best services to our patrons. We have to make sure our agents perform well and at their best at all times. It is our mission to help our clients grow their businesses that it is our aim to have productive and skillful agents in our pool to cater our clients’ needs.

To ensure value to our services, we untiringly think of ways to keep our agents competitive and updated to the latest development online. To keep up, relevant trainings and opportunities for necessary skills updates are being offered from time to time such as Android Mobile App Development and SEO Analyst Training. Aside from working on our agents’ skills, we provide coaching, mentoring and activities focusing on interpersonal skills and work ethics as well to even skills with good attitude and character.

Agents of Value however is not all work. We also hold activities to unwind and relax after busy days of diligently working on tasks. We give way to fun and recreation once in a while not only to freshen up the employees and provide more motivation to work but to boost productivity as well.

Talking about fun and recreation, below are some of the fun-filled activities we held this year here in AOV Davao office.

2012 Hearts Day

In commemoration with St. Valentine’s Day, AOV Davao came up with a pre-valentine activity last February 13, 2012. The office was decorated with red balloons and cute hearts and cupids were found in all corners of the office.

Sweets were served and everybody enjoyed the snacks provided. What made the food more enjoyable was the impressive voice of the hired singer as he serenaded everybody while eating.

To highlight the event, we crowned Ms and Mr. Valentines which were selected through valentine’s broken heart game. Men and women were given a piece of a broken heart and were asked to find the perfect pair for their piece. Of course, only one pair was hailed.

Halloween Celebration

Before everybody hits the road for Halloween vacation, we thought of celebrating a spooky night first. Last October 31, 2012, we encouraged everyone to wear scary costumes and to decorate the office. We came up with the scariest costume and lane contests with cash prizes at stake. As expected, everybody participated and was challenged to bring out their creativity.

The zipper man was declared the scariest and pictures of him were sent to the head office for judging since we had an inter branch scariest costume contest too.

Employees were entertained by the great performances and talents showcased by the agents. We were amazed how funny and groovy our technical agents can be dancing to the tune of the famous Thriller song and bet they can beat the late Michael Jackson with their moves! We shared a good laugh and enjoyed not only the prizes and performances but also the sumptuous food we prepared.

AOV Davao Christmas Party 2012

Last December 8, 2012, AOV Davao held the much awaited Christmas party at Eagle Ridge Davao Resort with the theme “Summer Fever in December”.

Everyone enjoyed each other’s company as they played games and showed off their talents through different performances. Aside from the gifts and raffle prizes, rewards and recognitions for the agents who did well for the year 2012 were also given. There were minor rewards for the most congenial, wackiest, entertainer of the year and more as we gave thanks to the agents who made the working environment light and fun. Major rewards, such as client’s choice and excellent service awards, were given as we recognized the agents who excelled in 2012 through their hard work and dedication.

After the main event, everyone savored the dinner and spent the rest of the night dipping in the inviting pool and singing (even dancing) with the rented karaoke machine.

Check out more of AOV Davao wacky Christmas party pics on Facebook!

A call to share

2012 is indeed a year full of blessings for AOV employees and since it is the season of giving, we wanted to end the year by sharing a little of what we have.

With the donations from the other branches, we answered a call to share to our fellow Davoaweños who were affected by the typhoon Pablo.  We sent water, food and clothes to the victims and we are hoping to give joy to the least fortunate people with just the simple act to share this Christmas.


Written by Rhea Mae Beron

Rhea is the Branch OIC of Agents of Value – Davao branch. She enjoys drinking coffee and reading books.

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