A personal virtual assistant can act as your online secretary who can take care of basic secretarial tasks such as those listed below.

Basic Secretarial Tasks and Duties:

  • Word Processing tasks such as drafting correspondences, formatting and proof-reading reports, writing report summaries and project briefs, researching and preparing agendas for meetings, and researching and writing on topics you propose
  • Basic database management such as maintaining detailed spreadsheets, contact list, mailing lists, etc.
  • Researching tasks such as researching and preparing PowerPoint presentations, tracking the development and progress of ongoing projects and providing alerts and reminders.
  • Basic desktop publishing such creation of simple flyers, hand-outs, and newsletters.
  • Other tasks such as responding to inquiries on your behalf making and keeping track of appointments, sending out reminders for appointments, and email and voicemail retrieval and sending.

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