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Agents of Value is a virtual staffing provider, specializing in the areas of online marketing and web development. You can hire a full time dedicated web designer from us, to create beautiful websites, logos, and graphic designs.

When you hire a web designer from Agents of Value, they become your full time virtual worker. Our agents work from our offices in Philippines, on a regular shift, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. They use tools like Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape, and Adobe Illustrator to create high impact web graphics. They can get their hands dirty, converting image templates from images into HTML and CSS based websites. Many of our web designers have experience working with leading open source content management systems, like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

You’ll have direct contact with any web designers you hire from Agents of Value. Communication generally works best over Skype, or email. In addition to daily reports containing all newly created graphics and websites, you’ll have access to our remote work monitoring software for every agent you hire. You’ll be able to see screenshots of their desktop, and a verified timesheet whenever you want.

Why the best option is to hire a web designer from Agents of Value:

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Common FAQs about hiring Web Designers from Agents of Value

What software will a web designer hired from Agents of Value have access to?

By default, we train every web designer with a full complement of open source web design software. Some of our favorite tools include InkscapePaint.netAptana, and Notepad++.

We also have a limited supply of other professional graphics software available, including Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. If you would like to ensure that an agent you hire from us has full time access to one of these other professional graphics editing software programs, there are a few options.

You may rent the software directly from us. In this case, we’ll purchase the software license, and make it exclusively available to your agent for as long as you hire them. Alternatively, you may provide the license yourself. In this case, we’ll use the serial code that you provide to us to install the software on your agents workstation. This option may be cheaper in the long run. Also, if you ever stop working with Agents of Value, we will immediately deactivate and uninstall the software, so that you may use the same license on another computer.

Starting with CS5.5, Adobe has a subscription program for their major digital media software programs. This may be an ideal solution if you plan to just use the software for a short term (1 to 3 months), or want to avoid a big upfront cost for buying the full license.

Can I request a test project before I hire a Web Designer?

Sure thing! We’re confident in the skills of our web designers. We also want to make sure there’s a good fit between the specific skills of our agents and the demands of your business. Send us the requirements for you test project, and we’ll send you the results back as soon as possible.

Do your web designers have access to premium WordPress themes?

Our web designers have access to premium WordPress themes from Woo Themes and Elegant Themes. Additionally, some of our web designers have experience working with Thesis Theme as well. We encourage web designers to use premium themes as a starting point, to reduce development time.

Can your web designers cut a PSD theme to HTML/CSS?

This is part of our basic training for web designers. Our web designers can cut templates in their sleep!

What's the difference between hiring a webmaster and hiring a web designer?

Generally, web designers are a bit more artistic, while webmasters are more technically inclined. A web designer should be able to make more beautiful logos and graphic designs. A webmaster has additional skills in Javascript and basic PHP. There is however, quite a bit of overlap between the skills of a webmaster and a web designer. Both are able to setup and manage content management systems, create graphics, and create website templates with HTML/CSS. If you specifically need someone with more technical skills, you should probably hire a webmaster or hire a web developer.

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