Why Your Offshore Team Needs A Good Project Manager

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Outsourcing a project is here to stay. When you think about budget, timetable, and deadlines, your offshore team needs a Good Project Manager.

According to statistics:

When you outsource a project, you think about budget, timetable and deadlines, because those are the essentials of doing and finishing a project.

But at the backstage of all these, is the project manager. Project manager person who is tasked to see through the project from start to finish.



team decicion maker

Past experiences with working for clients and handling an offshore team means that the project manager is already capable of making a sound decision. They are able to find solutions out of difficult situations.

Knowledge of the work process and practical experience are two components, that project managers consider when making a decision.


Brainstorming with the offshore team is a way for project managers to come up with all things necessary for good project results.

Weighing the risks, possible scenarios and alternatives of the potential outcome can contribute to a sound decision making. Tools like Google DocsTrello and Slack can be used by teams for gathering and sharing ideas.


team mentor

Aside from making decisions, project managers also act as trainers. Skills are taught and passed down to people they are managing, how to do things the proper way and how to efficiently do them.

The growth of the team should be first and foremost. Therefore, looking for training and learning materials to enhance people’s skills should also be one of the priorities of the project manager.


GoToMeeting is a reliable online meeting program. Not only is it perfect for audio and video meeting, but also for training a remote team. Collaboration is easy, with screen sharing capabilities and other value-added extra tools.


good communicator

Oftentimes, projects managers also need to voice out their opinions to clients too. There are clients that change procedures and instructions out of the blue. A good project manager talks to the client about sudden modifications, and then explains to them the implication those changes might have.

As they say, the client is always right, but there are times when the project manager has to be firm. It is for the sanity of the whole team and for projects to be done properly and on time.


Skype is still one of the widely used tools for chat, video and voice calls for small remote teams. While Google Hangouts is the default choice for most video meetings.



Projects vary. There may be projects that are easy while most of them can be hard. Some can even take time to do. It is during these types of projects that patience and self-control can be tested.

Projects managers should be flexible enough to adjust to any kind of given tasks. They can’t choose what project will be given to them. They only have to be flexible to adapt to any challenge that comes with the project.


Not all projects are the same. Project managers have to learn continuously to adapt to different task assignments. Today, there are tutorials sites like Lynda and Udemy for learning new skills. When experience is not enough, the next best thing to do is to learn.



Being passionate about what they do is what helps project managers achieve goals. It is because they care enough about what the results would be. And they want good results all the time.

It goes both ways. When the team sees the passion in their leader, they tend to give the same kind same of passion in doing what is asked of them. Projects can be done fast when people are passionately driven to do their designated tasks from start to finish.


Project managers are driven enough to acquire new and more skills. They don’t stay stagnant. Non-technical project managers can learn technical skills and vice versa. Sites like Github, BitbucketHubspotSerpstat and Google Keyword Planner can be used by both technical and non-technical people when looking for tips and solutions.

Outsourcing a project is still a great way for business owners to have access to top-tier talents without having to spend a lot of money.

For every project you outsource, you are several steps ahead of your competitors. This is why you need a good project manager who will effectively manage your projects who shares your goals of achieving business growth and success.

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Why Your Offshore Team Needs A Good Project Manager

offshore team

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